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Technology Meme

Yoinked from a flocked post, it's:

0. Wrist watch: I had one for a while when I was a teenager. I stopped wearing it because it inexplicably stopped going, as did the next two. I don't wear one anymore.[1]

1. Record player (mono, 16/33/45/78 rpm): brucius claims we had one; I have no memory of every having one. I've certainly never owned one in person.

2. Cassette recorder (mono): Never owned one.

3. Record player (stereo): See 2, above - how do you tell the difference?

4. Typewriter: We always had one. I claimed it as mine around the age of 9. I never really learned to type until I was in college, though.

5. Stereo radio-cassette recorder (ghetto blaster): I think I got a boombox style radio/two-tape device when I was about 14.

6. Computer: Commodore 64 around the age of... 10? 11?

7. Hi-Fi separates: Never owned.

8. Cassette Walkman: Never owned.

9. Colour TV: Never owned one. We had one, on and off during the winters, from about the age of 7, but I've never really got television.

10: Real computer: Gateway box at, I think, about 21.

11. Compact Disk player: I had a portable cd player at about 18, but only owned a couple of CDs. It broke soon after acquisition, and I never replaced it.

12. Car: Never owned one.

13. VCR: Never owned one.

14. Laptop: 31. Got my first laptop last year.

15. Modem: Around 22; we got it with the computer, if I recall correctly.

16. PDA: 30. I didn't make the use of it I thought I would.

17. Mobile Phone: 23-ish, I think.

18. MP3 player: 26, but got the first decent one at 30.

19. eBook reader: Do not yet own one.

[1] Pens used to explode in my pockets, and I have a higher rate of mobile phone breakdown than anyone else I know.

(If the original author wants credit, would he/she/it (you know yourself) please let me know?)


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Feb. 23rd, 2009 08:26 pm (UTC)
Neat. I'm going to do this meme when I get a chance later. =)
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