The Wizard of Duke Street (gothwalk) wrote,

The Son of the Return of the Five Questions Meme

From bedlamsbard:

1. What is your favorite historical period?

This is hard to answer. I probably know most about some of the medieval eras, but my knowledge is all jumbled up by more than 20 years of reading fantasy. Aside from which, I wouldn't really want to live in that era anyway; the chances of my dying reasonably swiftly from injury or disease would be fairly high, and if my glasses got broken, I'd live out the rest of my life in a visible bubble about 80cm in diameter.

For one I'd want to live in, I think I'd go for the Edwardian era, a lá Jeeves & Wooster. There's enough of modern technology and medicine to be comfortable, and not yet so much going on in the world that you can't get a fair understanding of most of it.

2. What are your opinions toward apples? (The fruit, not the company.)

I like apples. I will like apples even better when we can grow our own (the trees are in their second year), and I get used to those particular breeds of apple. My current favoured apple, sadly, is usually imported from New Zealand, which is something I'm not willing to encourage any more.

3. Where have you always wanted to travel, but never gone?

Norway. The mountains in Norway, to be more specific - we've flown over them several times, and a penfriend I had when I was a teenager (and re-connected with on Facebook a while ago) lives in Vesterålen.

4. If you were a kitten, what would you look like, and how would you act?

I suspect I'd be one of the solid grey type with eyes more yellow than green. I would spend my time lurking in dark corners, and attacking people's ankles with wild abandon when they least expect it. Also, no bird, mouse, or dog would be safe.

5. What is your favorite holiday, modern or ancient?

I am very fond of Christmas, these days. My family never made much of holidays, so most of the assocations are from sabayone's family. However, I also like Hallowe'en, in its modern form.

For ancient celebrations, the relighting of the fires at Bealtaine sticks firmly in my mind, although the image that's there now is more from the beacons in the film version of The Return of the King than anything I've ever really seen. But I've stood on the Hill of Uisneach, and it's a good concept to keep in mind.

If you want 5 questions, tell me what your favourite striped animal is.
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