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High-tech Post

I'm writing this on the iPhone while I wait for the train. It's not the most comfortable way to write, but it's better than the alpha-numeric keypad. You didn't get a daily entry yesterday, mostly because sestina writing ate my spare time.

So, Monday was a blur of work, and Tuesday was very similar. It's the last week of the month, so time is being spent filling in the gaps, and doing some training with the Intern. He's getting better; still not quite understanding things sometimes, but he has more patience than I do for the slow, uninspiring work of link acquisition, for example. He did a day of pretty much nothing else yesterday, which would have driven me spare.

Monday evening saw some gardening done - watering and weeding, for the most part. Everything is growing well, with the exception of the pumpkins, of which there's one straggly, slug-eaten example showing.

Yesterday evening was largely spent online, talking to people and getting some game writing lined up. And this morning, sabayone is off with a cold, so I'm taking the train in.

I see the hawthorn - the May flower - is in full blast. This year is running late on everything; it would normally be headed for over by now. In other weather signs, I was observing an oak and ash near each other; the oak is in full leaf while the ash is still working on it. That's supposed to indicate a good summer.

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May. 26th, 2010 12:50 pm (UTC)
I hear the best way to grow pumpkins is to sow the seeds directly in a compost heap. They're vegetable vampires, or something.
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