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Duke Street Alley

We did it all for the Glory of Love

The Wizard of Duke Street
9 September 1977
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Drew Shiel is a large, hairy geek. He lives in Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland, with his wonderful, beautiful wife Nina, and their cat and dog. Drew defines himself as a gamer first and foremost, but you might encounter him in his other guises as a SCAdian, web marketer/developer, cook, science-fiction/fantasy fan, or occasional writer. Most of his posts are open, although any discussion of his workplace is friends-locked, or possibly more restricted. He also maintains a filter to discuss website monetization and SEO, although little used these days. You can probably get onto that by asking.

Drew runs a number of websites, which are all linked from about.me/drewshiel.

Drew works for LearnUpon as a Marketing Analyst.